Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Almost 100 miles.... That's what the pedometer on my phone app said that I walked during the five days of SDCC... No wonder my feet, ankles and calves were in complete agony by Thursday night!

But, amongst all the chaos of buying exclusives from six different vendors, picking up cool new toys and art, I was able to snap a ton of pictures for all of you at the show!

Kicking things off is Hasbro with Marvel Legends Infinite! (One of my favorite toy lines.)

Avengers Legends will begin early next year with Wave 1 featuring Scarlet Witch, modern Captain Marvel, Iron Fist, Marvel Now! Thor, classic Hawkeye and swap-out figures Machine Man (awesome!) and The Sentry. The build-a-figure will be Odin which can also be changed into the All-Father version of Thor (from the recent Thor God of Thunder comic series) with a new head, Jarbjorn Ax and Destroyer arm.

It's great that Hasbro has decided to star adding extra heads and hands to their Marvel Legends figures. Japanese companies like Bandai [Japan] have been doing this for years. Cudos to Hasbro for giving us these extras!

Hawkeye will be sporting a new armored arm-- an upgrade from the originally shown prototype.

Iron Fist will include extra "kung-fu styled" hands.

 I used to love the Machine Man comic as a kid. For some reason, I've always loved the odd, off-beat characters. While the original Jack Kirby design is a huge part of what makes this character great, my favorite of his comic series was the mini-series illustrated by Barry Windsor-Smith.

The Marvel Now! version of Thor is mostly recycled parts from the previous Thor, but still makes for a great representation of the character's new look.

It will be hard for me to decide if I want to build the Odin build-a-figure or the All-Father Thor! Augh! I'll probably try to build both...

Finally! Hasbro is bringing us some new versions of some of Toy Biz's weakest figures of classic characters, like this beautiful looking Scarlet Witch! Adding the "Hex Powers" effect is a great addition to this figure!

While not shown on the convention floor, Hasbro released some images from Avengers Legends Wave 2.

Announced for this wave so far is-- again another Toy Biz figure in desperate need of an update-- Spider-Woman (who will have two pairs of wings, one expanded and one condensed for "arms down" poses), Hellcat (what a great surprise!) and the build-a-figure-- Thanos, sporting his current comic book look!

There will also be a couple of store exclusive Marvel Legends 3-packs coming next year.

The first will be an Avengers Movie SHIELD Pack featuring Agent Phil Coulson, Maria Hill and Nick Fury. It has yet to be determined which store this exclusive will be for.

I think there figures were put out on Sunday, so I never knew about them and couldn't take pics, so I'll post up a few pics that were snapped by the good folks over at marvelousnews.com

The second will be an Avengers Set featuring Ultimates Captain America, Ms Marvel (again, Hasbro gives us female figure in desperate need of an update!) and the Radioactive Man. This will be a Target exclusive.

Cap is just a repaint of the previous Ultimates version of the character, but this new paint job looks far superior.

Ms Marvel! Awesome! But I'm not too sure about that face... It looks like she has tiny little "kissy face" lips. Hasbro said that they do listen to fan feedback and make changes before the final release (as they did with the upcoming Iron Fist and Hawkeye), so perhaps they'll get some feedback on that face and make her a little more feminine and sultry looking.

After being shown at SDCC two years ago, Radioactive Man is finally seeing his release. Still no word on Batroc and some of the others that were shown that year. 

There will be a second wave of Amazing Spider-Man Legends next year, as well. Not all the figures for the wave have been revealed yet, but so far, Hasbro has shown Spider-Girl, a classic comic book version of Spidey, Spider-Man 2099 and the build-a-figure-- Hobgoblin (Phil Urich version).

Here are some other notes/announcements on the Legends line--

  • 2014 has been the most successful year for Marvel Legends yet. Especially the Guardians of the Galaxy figures.

  • Because of this, there will be a Guardians of the Galaxy Legends 5-Pack coming. It will be based on the comic book versions of the characters and will include the SDCC exclusive Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and a new, larger version of Drax.

  • Also planned for the line are Magic in her current black outfit from Uncanny X-Men and Dr Strange's nemesis Dormammu. There are no solid plans as to where or when they'll appear, but they are planned.

So, it looks like there's more Marvel Legends to look forward to in 2015 than ever! I don't know about you guys, but I'm really excited about almost all of these figures! And then my second thought is: where am I going to put all this stuff?!? I'm running out of room!


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    1. I can't wait for ALL these figures!!! The Target 3-Pack with Ult. Cap, Ms Marvel and Radioactive Man should be out late this month/early next month.

  2. you know Dormammu will be the build-a-figure for that wave. they'll probably make a normal-sized one to go with the new movie