Monday, July 7, 2014


And when I say "we" I mean me-- as Toy News Network, that is!

I'll be posting up some pics there of my personal collection, the usual daily toy news-- in a more short and sweet way than the full blog here (you can always keep stopping in here for all the usual coverage, too)-- and soon I'll be doing toy reviews!

I also be covering all the toy news from Comic-Con in two weeks where I'll be taking a slew of pics that will be exclusively posted up on the TNN Facebook page while I'm at the show, taking pictures, in real-time.

Also, there's nothing I love more than hearing other people's opinions and thoughts on toys and the toy industry. If you actually read what I post here, then you know that I have plenty of my own as well, so feel free to post any and all of your thoughts up on our new FB page!

Be sure to head on over and get things started with some LIKES! They're always helpful and much appreciated!

I want to keep things growing with the Toy News Network so I can dedicate more time and expand into all the areas that we all love about our common hobby. But, I can't do it without all of you-- and from looking at my blog stats, there are a LOT of you-- so keep coming by and don't forget to check out the FB page and give it a like!

Thanks guys!!!

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