Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Holy crap! The Hot Toys section of Sideshow's booth at SDCC was mind-blowing!

Not only did we see all the stuff they gave us sneak peeks of, but they also unvealed some major new products-- like the Ripley from Alien and Ripley with Power Loader!! Now all we need are some new Xenomorphs from Hot Toys to go with them.

Hot Toy's also unveiled all of the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy! They made for an amazing display, with their crazy mix of sci-fi and super hero costumes and an almost entire "alien" cast, these have to be some of the most unique Hot Toys Marvel figures yet.

One thing that perplexed me though was that Drax's skin was painted black instead of the greenish color it should be. Not sure why Hot Toys did this... I hope it's corrected for the final figure, otherwise this is going to leave collectors seriously upset.

Both the Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America displays were filled with awesome figures. We finally got a look at the size of the announced SHIELD Helicarrier-- which was about maybe 14"-16" long-- but the interesting reveal was in the Spider-Man display with two (possibly one with two sets of clothes) Peter Parker figures!

I know that many collectors have no idea who Briareos is or what Appleseed is, but this figure has me super excited.

Appleseed was my introduction into the world of Manga (Japanese comics) back in the late 80's. With it's awesome characters-- especially the relationship between lead characters Deunan and Briareos-- and the brilliant art and story by Masimune Shirow, Appleseed has remained one my favorite Japanese properties.

This figure is from the new anime Appleseed Alpha which looks to be another awesome reinterpretation of Shirow's epic saga.

Predator was represented at the show with both the exclusive Ancient Predator and the Elder Predator on display.

Of course, one of the huge, recent announcements Hot Toys made was the creation of figures and product from the Back to the Future film, so everyone was excited to see if it would be on display at SDCC-- and, sure enough, it was!

The Delorean is beyond impressive, complete with working head and tail lights and a pulsing flux capacitor!

Hot Toys had a few new figures and items from their Iron Man license. I think all these figures are a bit over-kill for me, personally, but they must still be selling because HT just keeps cranking them out. I do think that they idea of creating all these accessory items for Tony Stark's workshop is absolutely brilliant.

The Batman display(s) was probably the most impressive of them all, sporting quite a few new unannounced figures. Among them was a Commissioner Gordon and John Blake as well as our first look at much anticipated Batman from the Arkham City game.

This figure was also a nice surprise-- Batman from the 1992 film, Batman Returns!

I tried to get some decent pics of Hot Toys' first 6" figures-- Batman and Catwoman-- both of whom come with The Bat vehicle.

We were also lucky enough to see the upcoming Batman Armory with Bruce Wayne and Alfred.

Thor: The Dark World was also represented...

Another legendary Japanese Anime character was on display: Captain Harlock... well as a new version of the Panzer Jager from Kerberos.

Remember that unhelmeted version of the Robocop head that Hot Toys displayed last year at SDCC? Well, now we learn what it was for-- a battle-damaged Robocop figure!

The Angelina Jolie figure from Malificent was seriously impressive looking. Especially that head sculpt.

And, finally, one of the most detailed Hot Toys figures of all time-- Raiden from Metal Gear: Rising Revengence-- was also on display.

The one figure I was most excited to see on display wasn't there... The Transformers Optimus Prime. I guess I won't get a chance to see that one in person until it's released (the most "must-have" HT figure EVER!) or SDCC next year, if it's not released by then.

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