Tuesday, July 8, 2014


This.... was supposed to have been impossible...

Growing up, Rom was one of my all-time favorite comics books. I had seen the toy once as a kid, but I never owned it (although I do now.) To me, Rom was just another awesome Marvel character.

But, in reality, he was a toy, produced by Parker Brothers, and licensed to Marvel Comics for promotion (as was standard back in the day, before there were cartoons for every toy line.)

After his comic series ended, so did Rom, and ever since, the character has been in licensing hell. Marvel and other toy companies have not been able to do anything with the character since 1986-- but, almost 30 years later-- here he is again!!

I've dreamed of seeing Rom again some day, and while I would have preferred to have seen him in a much better form that a Mighty Mugg, I'll take what I can get! Plus, this brings up many questions as to the possibility of seeing Rom again. Since he was originally released under Parker Brothers-- which is now owned by Hasbro-- does this mean that Hasbro is willing to bring Rom back? Will they license the character to Marvel again so he can finally re-join the Marvel Universe? Will we get a Marvel Legends Rom!??! (Okay, I know I'm dreaming at this point.)

This may very well be the last and only time we ever see Rom in toy for again, but I sincerely hope that this is only just the beginning...

He'll be available at the Hasbro booth at SDCC for $22.99

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