Friday, August 1, 2014


After what feels like an eternity of waiting with very little to no details on Fewture's Fringe figures, we finally get all the official info and pics!

As I'd mentioned in previous posts on the topic, these figures are literally a dream come true for me. I absolutely loved Fringe and wanted 1/6 scale figures in the vein of Hot Toys (although nothing really comes close to Hot Toys) but thought it was an absolute impossibility. So, for me, to see these figures, and the fact that they're not some crap "dolls", but actual high-end, quality 1/6 scale figures, make me about as happy as can be! Well.... almost.

Many, many people have had issues with the sculpt for Olivia. I don't think it's awful, but when compared to the likenesses Fewture captured of both Walter and Peter, Olivia is obviously lacking in that department. But, I'm a "the cup is half full" kinda guy, so, the way I look at it, she could have been much, much worse.

I think the likeness is in the sculpt-- although it's not as evident as it is in Walter and Peter-- but the hair gives the figure too much of a "doll-like" appearance, and that's what's throwing me off, personally. And, I don't understand why they didn't part her hair in the middle! You'd think that would at least be an easy thing to get right.

If you look at the pictures Fewture released of the three figures, you can tell that they too are not overly impressed with their work on Olivia. Both Walter and Peter have many up-close shots of their head sculpts whereas Olivia has almost none.

The best way for me to say my opinion on the Olivia figure is to say that I'm blown away by both the Walter and Peter figures. I am not blown away by the Olivia, but that doesn't mean that I think it's straight up crap, either. It's acceptable, but I do wish it was better. Perhaps a little work with the hair once I have her in person will help things a bit...

Now, on to the pictures!

Each individual figure will come with all the outfits and accessories you see in the pics.

They should be shipping in September with a stateside price of $189.99, although the Yen price is only Y14,800, which is about $150 bucks.

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