Thursday, August 28, 2014


I think it's absolutely wonderful that Playmates is releasing a line if basic figures based on the original comic book styled Ninja Turtles. I mean, they don't even come close to NECA's brilliant versions of the same figures, but it's nice to see Playmates giving the original Turtles-- and their fans, like me-- their due.

But, once again-- once a-freakin'-gain-- Playmates has pulled a switcheroo on us. As you can see, the prototype images show figures that are wonderfully painted and detailed, but if you look at the packaged figures, you can also see that Playmates has completely removed all these apps from their official retail release.

I think that this is a serious bullshit move on Playmates' part and they do it will all of their TMNT figures. They get collectors all excited for these great looking figures and then deliver crappy, minimally painted figures at retail. Playmates needs to stop doing this. It's not the 90's anymore-- where Playmates was also the biggest offender (Skeleton Warriors anyone??!)-- people expect to get what they see in the promotional pictures when they buy your items. Quit playing this deceitful game, Playmates, and either give us what you show us or show us what you're going to give us.

'Nuff said.

And he's the packaged images. (Click to enlarge.)

These should be available on store shelves within the next month or so.

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  1. Agreed. Playmates actually started repainting a few of the figures...but when looking closely you see they added an app in one place and took it away in another. Cockroach Terminator is a perfect example...added shading to his chest (cool), took the silver off his back (uncool). They are making money hand over fist on this they could care less. I complained about almost everything they have released up to this point...but still bought them. I feel that even the sculps are on a steady decline. They could have KILLED IT with the classic line and its mediocre at best. The silver lining is that nick has been passing out the license like candy, so hopefully we get some more cool revoltech and even loyal subjects...which are all refreshing takes that include detailed accessories and complete paint apps.