Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Due to deadlines with my day job, I'm behind on toy news here on the blog, so I'm going to post all of these new, upcoming NECA products here in one post just to get them up quickly.

First up is the new Robocop vs Terminator video game figures. These are styled after the "old school" SNES (Super Nintendo) game.

As you can see, like all their other video game figures, these are all just repaints of previously released figures, however there will be some original sculpts coming in Wave 2, like the Endoskeleton Dog.

These will be released in October for around $17.99 each.

For you really old school Planet of the Apes fans-- like the collectors who wither own or have owned the original MEGO figures-- this one is for you. Since Astronaut Taylor was never released in the original line, NECA has graciously added him to their 8" Retro line to perfectly fit in with your old MEGO Apes.

He'll be released in December for around $29.99

Speaking of Planet of the Apes, here's a look at Wave 2 from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes which will include new versions of Caesar and Koba along with the ape Luca who will come with interchangeable heads.

This Wave will be out in November for around $18.99 each.

Here's a look at what's coming out for Pacific Rim-- which I full expect to continue on through the release of Pac Rim 2 and hopefully well beyond that, too.

First is the next release in the line, Ax Head. This figure did not appear in the film (in this form) and is based on design sketches for Trespasser.

He'll be out in October for around $29.99

NECA has also given us a look at a bunch of upcoming Jeagers including the much anticipated Gypsy Danger 2.0

There will also be three new, fully uniquely sculpted Jaegers coming in the line! If NECA is willing to do new tooling for a line, then you know it must be doing well for them. (Although I fully expect a lot of reused parts and repaint of these figures to come.)

In speaking with one of the guys from NECA at SDCC, these Jaegers were apparently featured in the opening of the film-- although very, very briefly.

The first one who will be released-- along with GD 2.0-- will be Japan's Jaeger, Tacit Ronin.

 Both of these figure will be released in October for $18.99 each.

And finally, here's a very cool figure coming to NECA's 8" Retro figure line-- Snake Plissken!

Snake will be released in November for around $29.99

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