Sunday, August 31, 2014


Well, I guess we all knew that this was coming...

In a very strategic and smart move by NECA, when they offered their newly scaled Knifehead 2.0, they made him "battle-damaged". Almost every collector couldn't wait to upgrade their original Knifehead to the far more awesome version. But, by making it "battle-damaged" they offered the, shall we say, less desirable version of what could have been made-- a non-battle-damaged version be the more desirable one.

If you wanted the new Knifehead though, you had to get the battle-damaged version. Now, NECA offers the non-battle damaged version, thus, essentially, selling the same figure twice to the same collectors because, who isn't going to want this new version once again. Sadly, I know I'll be buying this new Kinfehead, which will be my 3rd of this same figure. Although, to be fair, the upcoming battle-damaged Gypsy Danger 2.0 will still look great battling the battle-damaged Knifehead 2.0, so it's not a complete loss like the original Knifehead was.

Some collectors might find this tactic anywhere from irritating to down right enraging, but, this is the system that a small-- but awesome-- toy company like NECA must employ in order to actually make enough money from these figures to stay in business and keep making newer and better stuff for us. It is, as they say, the nature of the beast.

This should be out (supposedly) in October for around $29.99

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