Thursday, August 28, 2014


This could be the ultimate version of Optimus Prime-- depending on what kind of Transformers collector you are.

I think the bulk of TF collectors feel that if a figure of a TF character doesn't transform, then it can't be a true "Transformer". While as a kid, I loved transforming my TF's, but I truly despise it now. These damned things are complicated! (And I'm talking about Masterpieces and high-end 3rd party figures.) I feel like my parents used to feel when they held my Transformers and had no idea how to transform them-- probably like a dumbass.

But, for me, the fun isn't in the transformations, it's in owning figures that finally and truly look like the ones I watched in the cartoons. I never display my TF's in "alt mode" and don't have any desire to transform them other than the one time it takes to get them into robot mode if they don't already come that way right out of the package.

So, with that in mind, I can not wait to get my hands on Hot Toys' upcoming Optimus Prime figure-- even if most other TF collectors turn their nose up at it. The same goes here for Fewture's incredible "Ultimetal" version of my favorite pop culture character of all time (probably followed by Snake Eyes), Optimus Prime!

But, as much as I want this awesome piece of work, I probably won't be getting him. I don't know that I love any toy or figure enough to drop $800-1,000 on it. I mean, that's a lot of dough!

I'm not saying this figure isn't worth it by any means, I'm just saying that, with all the other stuff I collect, this just isn't in my budget. (Maybe if it was $450, tops.)

Optimus will stand at 17" tall and come with a remote to active lights and sounds (all in Japanese I assume). As you can see from the pics, just like with Bandai's DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z (who also comes with a remote to activate lights and sounds-- Hmm... I wonder where Fewture got these ideas...) you can also remove his outer parts to reveal all of his internal mechanisms.

Maybe, just maybe, if he doesn't jump up in price too much and is still available during a month where I've got loads of extra cash to burn I'll try to pick him up. He's certainly a centerpiece for any Transformers collection.

Here's a look at the also planned Ultimetal version of Megatron. So awesome!!

Optimus will be released next month (Sept) for a yen price of Y78,000 which is about $800 USD, although sellers like BBTS are charging as much as $950.00. Because of the size and weight of this piece, you can also expect to pay major shipping costs if you can't acquire him from a US seller and need to have it shipped from HK or Japan.

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