Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Mattel had a lot of new reveals for the MOTU Classics line, showing the rest of the figures for 2014 and some for early 2015-- the last year for the line.

According to "Toy Guru", the line may-- and hopefully will-- continue in 2016, but it will be different than how we know it now.

He didn't know any specifics on the figures, but it would definitely include all new packaging, and a new direction for the line. So once 2015 finished out all the original MOTU, Princess of Power and major New-Adventures and Filmation characters, what will the new line look like?

All new sculpts? A brand new design for classic characters? 3.75" figures? A complete reboot of the license? We probably won't know the answer to any of these questions until SDCC 2015 at the earliest.

Here's a look at what Mattel had to show...

Years after the Four Horsemen sculpted the Battle Ram "just for fun" Mattel is finally moving ahead and releasing it to the masses.

It will go on sale in November for $110 and will not be a part of any subscription service.

Look out Sorceress! Someone's been driving the Battle Ram drunk again!

Ninjor has been renamed "Ninja Warrior" due to licensing issues...

Oo-Larr, the original version of He-Man (before he became He-Man) from the mini-comics will be the 2015 subscription figure-- and he'll come with a vintage style He-Man head!!

One of the big surprises for next year is this 200X styled 2-Pack featuring Snake Armor He-Man and King Hsss.

The 2-Pack will not include the snake [upper half] version of King Hsss. That insanely awesome version of Hsss' true form will come packed into another item somewhere down the line in 2015.

Bow's steed Arrow will also see a release in 2015.

The MOTU Minis will also continue into 2015...

A brand new line will also be debuting in 2015-- the vintage styled over-sized figures.

These were definitely very cool and interesting. Mattel is obviously looking to Gentle Giant's success with their over-sized Star Wars in the hopes that they will find similar success.

Unfortunately, there will be no "collector friendly" packaging for these figures, so you have to decide if you want to display them carded or destroy the packaging to display them loose. Or-- as I'm sure Mattel hopes you do-- you can buy two and display them both ways.

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