Thursday, August 28, 2014


NECA often Tweets out photos like this of upcoming product that they've just received the final, packaged versions of, and I don't know who takes these pics but, come on, you work for NECA, I know you can do better than this! (By the way, I cropped and cleaned up this photo from the original.)

All their "just arrived" photos are just thrown down on a flat, cluttered/dirty/junky surface and taken at a horrible angle. How about investing in some two dollar foam board and pulling it out to lay the figures on when you want to take these kind of photos. And please, take them at an angle where we can actually see the the beautiful work you guys do!

Okay... Rant over. I love you NECA, but y'know... Jeeze.

Anyhoo, here's the pic of the just arrived packaged versions of their Series 12 Predator line-- of which I have all of (except the ones from "Predators").

Some sites are reporting that this series will be out any day now despite the fact that it has yet to appear on NECA's own online release calendar all the way up to the end of September.

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